Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 1993

Parent Category: Aszú wines
Category: 5 puttonyos aszú

Wine description

Over 20 years in the bottle! A superbly made wine from a famously beautiful vintage. White fruit aromas effervesce from the glass. Bread crust, walnut, cherry and cherry stone flavours treat the taste buds. For many years / several decades before this the fermenting must of Tokaji Wines was fortified with grape spirit This was the first year this practice was not permitted. Especially recommended for collectors!

Harvest we harvested the aszú berries from the end of October – till the end of November

Fermentation and aging in 220 L Szerednyei oak barrels for 3 years

Grape varieties 60 % Furmint, 30 % Hárslevelű, 10 % Yellow Muscat

Content 500 ml


Ageing potential 30-40 years

Vintage description

1993 Exceptional vintage in the Tokaj Wine Region with aszú berries of excellent quality from which gorgeous wines with beautiful acidity were born.

Food & wine pairing

This library wine is best with dark chocolate and walnut desserts, chocolate and vanilla cake, marzipan and cherry cakes, goose liver terrine with dried fruits or duck with fruits. But also sublime alone or perhaps with a cigar.