Pajzos Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 1999

Wine description

A wonderfully complex Aszú from an exceptional vintage. Refined perfume and slightly cool elegance embody this shining amber wine. Minerality, meadow flowers and white fruits offer themselves in the nose. On tasting exciting layers present themselves one after another: peppermint, dried apricot, candied orange peel. Alongside the dried fruits delightful acids and liqueur notes define its character. A burnished, rounded, unique, mature Aszú.

Harvest we harvested the aszú berries from the end of October – till the end of November

Fermentation and aging in 220 L Szerednyei oak barrels for 3 years

Grape varieties 60 % Furmint, 30 % Hárslevelű, 10 % Yellow Muscat

Content 500 ml


  • acidity 11   gr/L
  • sugar 159 gr/L
  • alcohol 12,2 % vol

Ageing potential 30-40 years

Vintage description

1999 An outstanding vintage in the Tokaj Wine Region with superb quality aszú berries, elegant acids and long ageing potential.

Food & wine pairing

We recommend it with dark chocolate desserts, orange cakes, diplomat pudding, goose liver terrine with dried apricot, roast game meats and duck a l'orange.