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We make Pajzos wines from the premium grapes from our Pajzos Vineyard in Bodrogolaszi and our Megyer Vineyard in Sárospatak. The wines are made with attentive work both in the vineyards and winery either with barrel aging according to Tokaj traditions or using modern reductive winemaking methods.

The premium Pajzos wines perfectly express the assets of these two superb vineyards:

Megyer Vineyard gives crisp, dynamic wines of outstanding quality that are characterised by coolness, distinctive minerality and a fresh acid structure – the premium Pajzos brand wines come from this vineyard.

Sweet wines from Pajzos Vineyard are refreshing and flavourful. Fragrances and flavours of peach and a plethora of white flowers (elderflower, chamomile) with citrus and mandarin rise from the glass, treating the wine lover with its gorgeous minerality. These wines are deservedly legendary: they retain their richness and fruit aromas for decades, losing nothing of the freshness proffered by the acid backbone.

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